Final Destination – Ojai California


Kristen is finally “home” in her new town, with a great Sourhern California bungalow and great views. The town is pretty cute too. Tonight’s activities? Cleaning her house before the movers arrive and she can’t get to the floors. Can’t believe this crazy trip is almost over! What a metaphysical journey!! (I’ll post more on that later.)

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Like Ghosts?

So we’re waiting for one of the dozens of ghosts that seem to visit the Monte Vista Hotel in Flagstaff, AZ. Playing pool while we wait. Sally, the bartender in the Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge provides great service. Haven’t seen the dancing couple yet, but 2 weeks new into the job, she’s already a bit spooked by the male voices she hears in the basement, sans humans nearby. But she’s awesome. Decent pool tables. Peaceful enough for Mags to accompany us. Quote of the day,”Happy is the new wealthy.”


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Flagstaff – Day 10

Thanks to Mike in Gallup, NM, (another chance encounter offering friendly advice along our way), we stayed in an inexpensive but clean and comfortable hotel which served up a good breakfast buffet and was also dog-friendly. (Quality Inn on Milton). We also found a great used bookstore/cafe, Bookman’s – another Mike recommendation. I wish we’d gotten his contact info to send a thank you and return the fold-out map he gave us to help us along our way.


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Santa Fe – a Winner!

Hotel Santa Fe is dog-friendly, as is the whole town. Mags was happy, as we’re we. Ate a great brunch at Blue Corn Cafe yesterday.

Cowgirl Cafe is a Farm to Table restaurant with gluten free options. And they bring a bowl of water for your pooch.

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Houston, Texas – drive-by

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Last Images of New Orleans



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Fun evening

Ate trout, cucumber gazpacho, and fois grad (Kristen had sea bass) at Meauxbar after getting a personal tour of Antoine’s wine cellar by soon-to-be sommelier Mattherw & eating the most delicious lump crab casserole. Photo is of our hotel’s interior courtyard, with a gaggle of Dutch tourists partying outside our door (ugh, cause we want to get some sleep now). Heading to Austin, Texas, tomorrow morning.


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Quote of the day

When a toothless man says something you don’t understand, just smile, nod, and keep walking.

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N’awlins Jazz

On Royal.The music is GREAT! Wish you were here – wish you could hear! I bought their CDs, so you can!


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New Orleans – hot & humid


Bloody Mary stop at Chartes Street. Just walked a bit along Royal Street, galleries and shops. Lovely architecture.

Last night we arrived to our hotel greeted by cops running around, cop cars zooming in and blocking our side street. Exciting, but worrisome. Turns out they were apprehending a man who got away from them three blocks away and so they cordoned off 12-16 square blocks with us on one end. Thankfully, that resolved itself early enough.
Today we’ll hit the Garden District and meet up with a friend who has a gallery on Magazine.

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